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(Nathan Qi) #1

Story is, I just started an offshore project few days ago. As always, I’m managing the project and some folks from SAP and SAP partner are working on it. They are located in China and India and some of them are new to our project or even our entire team. Is it possible to have a section like who is who there? I noticed I need to write down this section every single time. Here is what I put into there:

Roles & Responsibilities
Project manager: Nathan XXXX(Canada) / Syed XXXX(India)
Engineer: Frank XXXX(China) / Abhishek XXXX(India) / Ramesh XXXX(India)
Stakeholders: Trevor XXXX, DU leads

Can we predefine some role and assign people into there?
Can we assign country/timezone to each of them?
These will tell us where we are in geographic point of view(maybe a map will tell us better about it, this will be helpful when we need to decide where to do an onsite meeting, long distance flight = higher cost).
Also, with the timezone, we can know immediately which timeslot is the best time to host a project review meeting.
And furthermore, if we can have a review meeting section(to record down when we had the meetings and minute for each one of them), then we will be able to track down everything in same place.

(Paulina Rosin) #2

Hi Nathan,

this a great idea, I have just voted for it but it still needs more ‘‘likes’’ to place it on our roadmap.


(Janet Lopreiato) #3

In my projects, I just create a section and name it Key Project Info where I put in the project charter info along with the list of participants with any detail that is relevant, which may include time zones/countries. My list looks similar to your list. This can easily be done via adding text to a section. Can you help me understand why you think having predefined roles would be beneficial? Are you expecting some type of filtering capability or behavior associated to the info?

Also, In theory, meeting minutes should be captured within each task at the time it is discussed and meeting minutes should no longer be necessary to send. But, spotting the latest comments done on a single day is a challenge, if not impossible. You should research open posts and see if anyone has submitted a recommendation on how to approach meeting minutes or submitted a dev request for it.

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Use variables in tasks (automated naming and assigning)
(Nathan Qi) #4

With predefine role/timezone,
#1, we can switch to another view in this section to let people know who is located in which place.
#2, we can switch to another view to book meeting
#3, if we have 3 roles, project manager, engineer, stakeholders, then we can easily filter out project manager/engineer to have an internal review meeting and we can select project manager/stakeholders to have an update meeting.

About meeting minutes, normally, my project will have for example 4 major stpes, each step will have different sub-steps. We will not able to have a meeting after every minor steps because we are multi-tasking them. So normally, we will do the meeting weekly. So, how to save the meeting minutes will be challenge for me. Of course, after each meeting, the Ruum project will be updated but still good to save the points in somewhere.