Task Types: different task detail custom fields


(Martin Gomez Balsimelli) #1


It would be very usefull for me if we can have something such as Task Types, so each type would have a given set of custom fields. I know with the API I can do this, but I am finding hard to use that API for this purpose.
The way I would use this is that each canvas in a ruum would be to track different tasks. Each task within a canvas would have same set of fields, and that may change from one canvas to another.
From there I would like to track the information of those added fields. I understand that with Reports 2.0 I can probably achieve this. But as additional option, it could be that if I can export the tasks within a canvas, along with all of its custom fields to a spreadsheet, that can make me going.


(Vidya from Ruum) #2

Hi Martin,

Thanks a lot for using the community.
The Task types functionality sound interesting. This means you can create some meta data for task and use it in different Ruums (projects). Since we dont have this functionality, I would like to suggest a workaround.

  1. Please create the Task with the set of custom fields like below
  1. Create a ‘Section Template’ - This will have the meta data for task like - Actual and Estimates
  2. Use the Section template in other Ruums (projects) , so that you dont have to create same set of custom fields again and again

This is a work around solution, we understand that a smoother way is to have the capability of task types in the Ruum. We need more likes for this features.


(Martin Gomez Balsimelli) #3

Thanks, Vidya!!!

I tried this, but it does not work as I need. I have a ruum with 4 sections containing tasks. All tasks within same section should have a given set of custom fields. So I have created a few section templates as you mentioned, and when I add them to the ruum, the tasks in that new section inherite same custom fields as all other tasks in that ruum (not the section).

Is there anything I am doing wrong?


(Vidya from Ruum) #4

Hi Martin,

As of now, a ruum (project) can have only one task type.
ie If I create a task with ‘Actuals’ and ‘Estimates’ as custom fields, then all the tasks in that ruum (project) should have same custom fields - Actuals’ and ‘Estimates’ .
It is not possible to create a task in the same ruum (project) with different custom fields - for example - ‘CostCenter’
One option is to have all the custom fields on Task - Actuals’ , ‘Estimates’ and ‘CostCenter’.

In your scenario, when you use a section template which has tasks with custom field ‘Name’ and (ruum) project has tasks with custom field ‘Address’, then custom field ‘Address’ will overwrite ‘Name’ .

Also, if you change the custom fields of one task , it will affect all task. Please see the purple highlighted text below.

(Martin Gomez Balsimelli) #5

Thanks again, Vidya!!

Yes, I am aware of that. But given the fact that you mentioned the Section Templates, and since I never used them before, I had the feeling that it might get the job done.

No worries, I look forward for this to get realized in the future, as long as we have enough Likes


(Vidya from Ruum) #6

Hi Martin,

Sorry for the confusion caused.
I liked the feature :wink: , so you have one vote already.