Size of Process Bar's tiles not adjusted to their content

(Anna Zielinska) #1

Dear Team,
I’d like to report an issue with process bar.
Its size is not adjusted to the entered content.
Everything seems to be fine as long as the content in each of the “tiles” of the process bar is the same (e.g.: 1 line, 2 lines, 3 lines in each of the tiles).
However if only one tile differs (e.g.: contains of 1 line while other tiles contain of 2 or more lines or reversely), it’s wrongly reflected in the process bar: the size of the tiles are different and it doesn’t look good.

I asked Paulina from the ruum Team about it and she investigated the issue internally.
And then I got a confirmation from her saying it’s definitely a bug.
She also encouraged me to report it to you.
Many thanks for your input on this.

Regards, Anna

(Vidya from Ruum) #2

Hi Anna,

Thanks a lot for reporting the bug, we will investigate this soon.
Could you please share the link of the Ruum via email to


(Anna Zielinska) #3

Hi Vidya,
I’ve just provided you the direct link to the ruum, as requested.
Cheers, Anna

(Vidya from Ruum) #4

Hi Anna,

Yes, I have received the email, we are investing the issue.
Thanks a lot for your patience.