SAP Success Factors

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PoC: SAP Success Factors integration with Ruum by SAP

SAP Success Factors helps you to Source, engage, and hire the world’s best talent with intelligence and guidance along every step of recruiting – from sourcing and candidate experience to applicant management. You can ensure that recruiting practices are comprehensive and simple enough to allow recruiters and managers to quickly hire the right talent around the world.

It’s all in the planning! Ruum by SAP lets you create a project plan that allows you to hire the most outstanding talent. Plan and conduct successful interviews, onboard new employees and coordinate with other departments regarding HR campaigns like a pro.

Integration Details

Benefits of integrating

  • Add collaboration to Pre-Requisition​

  • Templates pre-structure the attached Ruum and relevant information is shared immediately​

  • Invite experts across your enterprise teams to work on pre vacancy information​

  • Securely exchange documents​

  • Stay on top of tasks and milestones and findings

  • Receive better context to deliver better content based on planned job requisition​

  • Fewer dropped balls as interaction directly happens in connection to the Job Requisition​

  • Processes, milestones and tasks are documented and archived for review​

  • Create NEW Job Requisitions from with Ruum in a structured way and send back to Success Factors


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