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SAP C/4 Sales Cloud integration with Ruum by SAP

SAP Sales Cloud is a complete sales solution that goes beyond sales force automation (SFA) and helps to provide the insights sales needs (reps, managers and executives). It lets you Manage the sales cycle from lead to quote.

Ruum by SAP lets you focus on your customers and close more deals. It adds task planning superpowers to your CRM. It enables Sales Reps to track status and progress of opportunities and closing plans. Help them focus on the right things at the right time to increase closing rates and decrease the length of the sales cycle.

Integration Details

Benefits of Integration

•Add interactive close plans to Opportunities with one click

•Templates pre-structure the attached Ruum and relevant information is shared immediately and kept in two way sync with the Sales Cloud

•Invite experts across your enterprise teams to work on opportunities.

•Share close plans with Customers

•Securely exchange documents

•Stay on top of tasks, milestones and responsibilities

•Receive better context to deliver better input with direct insight into opportunity details

•Fewer dropped balls as interaction directly happens in connection to the Opportunity

•Processes, milestones and tasks are documented and archived for review

•Report across all your opportunities and see where you need to take an action

•Timeline view for better visualisation


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