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PoC: SAP Marketing Cloud integration with Ruum By SAP

SAP Marketing Cloud empowers marketing organizations to deliver individualized one-to-one marketing for the mass audience. Gain deeper customer insights into not only history, but in-the-moment intentions and motivation.
Deliver contextually relevant customer experiences at every stage of the customer journey.

Integrating Ruum by SAP with SAP’s Marketing Cloud will enhance your marketing efforts by adding project management capabilities where needed.

Integration Details
SAP Marketing Extensibility allows customers and partners to easily plug in additional UX content without involvement of SAP

Benefits of integration

•Add ad hoc collaboration to any campaign running in the SAP Marketing Cloud

•Templates pre-structure the attached Ruum and Project-relevant information is shared immediately

•Invite other teams or externals with no access to SAP systems

•Securely exchange documents

•Stay on top of tasks and milestones

•Receive better context to deliver better content based on campaign insight

•Fewer dropped balls as interaction directly happens in connection to the marketing campaign

•Processes, milestones and tasks are documented and archived for review

•Single source of truth


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