SAP Integrated Business Planning

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PoC: SAP Integrated Business Planning integration with Ruum by SAP

SAP Integrated Business Planning Optimize resource efficiency by creating supply plans based on prioritized demands, allocations, and supply chain constraints.

Ruum by SAP supercharges your Supply Chain Capabilities. Ruum can help you manage the planning of all aspects of your logistics and supply chain. Ruum connects seamlessly to your systems and supports the coordination and decision-making process.

Integration Details

Benefits of integration

•Add ad hoc collaboration to any insight from IBP

•Templates pre-structure the attached Ruum and Insight-relevant information is shared immediately

•Invite other teams or externals with no access to SAP systems

•Securely exchange documents

•Stay on top of tasks, milestones and findings – Insights into Action

•Receive better context to deliver better solutions based on problem insight

•Fewer dropped balls as interaction directly happens in connection to the IBP Case

•Processes, milestones and tasks are documented and archived for review

•Single source of truth


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