SAP Digital Boardroom

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PoC: SAP Digital Boardroom integration with Ruum by SAP

SAP Digital Boardroom helps customers to reimagine their Boardroom for the Digital Economy. It delivers:

Digital Boardroom enables customers to answer ad-hoc questions on-the-fly, simulate impact of decisions and uncover hidden insights with guided machine discovery.

But what do with all this insights? Integrating Ruum by SAP with the Digital Boardroom enables you to turn insights into action and easily follow up on progress and goals.

Integration details

Benefits of integration

•Turn insights into action by directly opening a Ruum at the point of the findings

•Templates pre-structure the attached Ruum and insight relevant information is shared immediately

•Invite all experts needed to act on the problem

•Securely exchange documents

•Stay on top of tasks and milestones and progress

•Receive better context to deliver more knowledgeable information

•Clear structure of responsibilities and deadlines

•One platform to deliver feedback – no information is lost in translation

•Findings are automatically documented for later reviews or leveraging best practices


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