SAP Analytics Cloud


(Martin Gomez Balsimelli) #1

I do not know if this suggestion should fall here or under Features Request. If I am wrong then l will change it.

Is there in the roadmap the chance to integrate Ruum with SCP Analytics Cloud? I find that quite helpfull since I can collect all the metrics from my ruums in Analytics, and then create several reports very helpful. It will allow us to provide reports as an entire service provider (by knowing how many projects or ruums are behind schedule, etc), but also to understand how many tasks have been overdue within one ruum, or even by any amount of ruums in a given point of time.


(Vidya from Ruum) #2

Hi Martin,

I have moved the topic under feature section.
We had couple of touch points with SAP Analytics cloud this year and we have to continue the discussion next year. The integration with SAC is on our radar but we dont have any concrete plans yet.
It would be really helpful to get your feedback on the use case. We will contact you soon.


(Max Wessel) #3

Seems like this would be an interesting attach in the scope of embedded analytics within all the LoBs

(Vidya from Ruum) #4

Hi Max,

We will investigate embedding SAC reports in ruum (project). This is on our integration radar.


(Leo Anthony) #5

This would a really interesting and needed integration.

Lool forward to it.