Markdown in comments


(Robin Winkelewski) #1

Right now new lines and text formation is deleted/ignored in task comments.

It would make conversations much more clear if text can be properly formatted.

(Vidya from Ruum) #2

Hi Robin,

Thanks for using the community.
We have chats on our product roadmap. We will keep the markdown options in our radar.


(Janet Lopreiato) #3

I am all for this. There is no good way to separate thoughts within one comment, so You have to add comments individually if you want info separated. This is frustrating and I would like this changed too.

(Vidya from Ruum) #4

Hi Janet,

Thanks for the feedback.


(Felipe Riolfi) #5

hi guys

could you please implement the possibility to insert an hiperlink in an word?

thank you!

(Vidya from Ruum) #6

Hi Felipe,

There is a workaround - to insert an hyperlink.

Please select the text and click on ‘<’ .’>’ to create an variable, then make it as Type Link (select from dropdown). Please add the link.