How to set up SSO for the domain?

(Vidya from Ruum) #1

NOTE: Only Admin users can set up SSO.

In order to set up SSO via SAML, please make sure you have the following properties at hand:

  • the SSO login url of your identity provider

  • your certificate(s) of your identity provider

  • a mapping of a user in your identity provider to a user in Ruum, in detail:
    userId: a unique identifier of the user
    email: the email address of the user with which they are logging in

    firstName: the first name of the user
    lastName: the last name of the user
    fullName: the full name of the user (if not given, it is ’ ')

The configuration depends on your identity provider. For example for Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), it is the following (see Please be aware that you need to have an Azure Active Directory Premium license.

  • add a new non-gallery application
  • configure single sign-on
  • get the properties mentioned above
  • when you have all the information, please schedule a meeting with us via
  • we (Ruum team) will send you a manifest file that you can upload in order to fill in the values

Once SSO is configured, you can view and edit it in the admin dashboard:
Home > Users (left menu) > Authentication Configuration (upper menu)