Hide/Unhide columns in the lobby (e.g. hide "While you were gone")

(Frederik) #1


I am managing an array of various projects using ruum but the “while you where gone” column in the project overview is not very helpful for me and stops me from having a good overview because it spreads projects far apart in the overview list. An option to show/unshow the whole array of icons would be helpful because then each project would have only one line and it would be easier to have an overview over all projects.

I am talking about these icons. They don’t add that much value imho. Especially the eye. I would keep them though but give the option to hide them in the overview.


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(Vidya from Ruum) #2

Hi Frederik,

Thanks a lot for using the community.

We understand your concern, we will soon release project groups functionality. With this feature you will have a better overview of projects. We would still keep the ‘while you are gone’ section, since it will notify the changes that are done in the ruum(project) which you have not seen.

BTW if you visit the ruum(project) -> side panel-> task list, then it will clean up ‘unseen tasks’ in the lobby. Similarly, if you visit side panel-> files then it will clean up ‘unseen files’. I hope this is helpful.

Happy New Year 2019.


(Frederik) #3

Hi Vidya,

thank you for your reply. Looking forward to the project groups functionality!

I find the process of cleaning up unseen tasks, file changes etc. relatively tedious tbh. If you don’t want to change the ‘while you are gone’ section, maybe it would be helpful to have a button next to the side panel in the project to ‘mark as seen’?

Happy 2019!

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(Vidya from Ruum) #4

Hi Frederik,

Thanks a lot for your response.
The earlier suggestion of customising the lobby would be better, like there should be an option to hide/unhide the columns in the lobby.
Could you please rename the topic header accordingly so that we get more likes for customisation of lobby (project overview).

Thank you.


(Frederik) #5

Hi Vidya,

you’re absolutely right! Thats a better option.

Will rename.