Consistency Checks for Tasks and Subtasks

(Carsten Danner) #1

Currently it is possible to maintain the main task with the status completed while there are still subtasks which are not completed. (see picture)

Proposal would be to automatically derive the status of the main task dependent from the status of the subtasks or at least prohibit setting it to completed while subtasks are still open.

(Vidya from Ruum) #2

Hi Carsten,

Thanks for using the community.
This feature is similar to our existing backlog, I will add this to our existing ‘Intelligent Status Management’ backlog item.


(Carsten Danner) #3

Hi Vidya,

just for curiosity reasons :thinking: - I did not find anything on the community with the title Intelligent Status Management? Does this mean it is not in the community but you are working on it?

Thanks a lot,

(Vidya from Ruum) #4

Hi Carsten,

The title is not in the community and but in the backlog for product team to investigate.