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Feature requests and suggestions for the Ruum team. Please enter one request in one post.

Configurable Reporting (11)
Duplication of Ruum (4)
Milestones in timeline (4)
Improve Functionality of 'Add Task' (10)
Start, End, and Competion Date for Tasks (7)
In line comments (4)
Filter Tasks by Status in Canvas View by Block (6)
Attachments at task level (3)
Document titles for files (2)
Board/Kanban view on tasks (6)
Subtasks Dates Auto-fill (3)
Copy and paste tasks (3)
Link to 'Show Task on Canvas' (2)
Export timeline in report (8)
Auto-shift tasks when one parent task postponed (4)
Recurring Tasks (3)
Option to split a Ruum (2)
Single Sign On when inviting team members (4)
Improve Ability to View Subtask Comments (2)
Table of Contents in a Ruum (3)
Lock ruum / section (5)
Add Multiple Owners of Ruum/Ability to Assign Yourself to get Notifications for Sections of Ruum (2)
Improve display of task details (2)
Sortable overview of all tasks across ruums (4)
A 'done' to-do section (3)
Email handling in ruum (assign directly to ruum) (3)
Better handling of urls (5)
Cross referencing sections and ruums (2)
Improve Design of Report Page Breaks (1)